I was born in Badalona and moved to Palamós for personal reasons. And that is how it all began.
My parents rented a small restaurant in a camp site, and I started to help them when I was just a child. I liked the job more every time, first in the dining room attending the customers, and then in the kitchen.
When I was 15 I attended the Girona Hospitality School for two years and the Madrid School for two more years. These schools introduced me to some unique cuisines: La Gavina Hotel in S’Agaró, the Ritz in Madrid, the Hotel Maria Cristina in San Sebastián, the Akelarre in San Sebastián, the Currito, de Sabturro, in Switzerland, in France, etc.
After my apprenticeship, I spent two years teaching cuisine at the Sant Pol School, combining teaching and working in the family restaurant.
In 1987 my wife Anna and I took over the family restaurant and tried to give it a new twist, orienting it to the trends of the moment.

Anna is the pillar of the place. All this would not be possible without her.
Her face is the best-known in Mas dels Arcs. She takes care of customers who wish to have a meal.
She has been in the company for over 30 years and has attended several generations of friends and customers.
When calling to book a table, most people ask for her.

Xavi has always lived in two different worlds which to an extent are quite similar.
Both worlds are creative – music and cuisine. Xavi has been a professional DJ for 12 years. He has performed in many of the most important discos in Catalonia and part of Spain.
On the other hand, cuisine has always been there. As the third-generation member of the company, it is a part of his daily life.
He has worked in restaurants of all types – in a pizzeria as well as in the second best restaurant in the world, Celler de can Roca. Any place is good to learn.